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Budapest ? the capital city, the largest spa centre

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Danubius Grand Hotel Margitsziget

This 4-star hotel is located on Margaret Island, in the most beautiful park of the city, but still only a few minutes away from the downtown. The house provides all facilities guests can think of, plus an indoor entrance to Thermal Hotel Margitsziget, to the joint wellness, fitness and healing centre of both hotels. The special services include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, thermal bath, fitness centre, whirlpool, sauna, aroma and steam bath, plus all taxes included in room prices. For extra charge, and under supervision of doctors, guests can get special electro- and hydrotherapic treatments as well.


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Spa, wellness, fitness

Water is one of the most important element for the living creatures on Earth. We use it for drinking, washing, cleaning, for ritual purposes...etc. Mineral water is a kind of water to be found in nature, that contains a certain amount of solute minerals and biological active substances. Medicinal water is a kind of mineral water that has a healing power, that has been proved by medical researches. Thermal water is, after the Hungarian Law, a kind of water to be found in nature and is more than 30 ?C .

Hungary is rich in thermal waters. The tradition of using thermal baths goes a long way back in the time to the Roman Empire, when in the Roman Province, Pannonia ?  the present West Hungary ? baths were built everywhere. This was continued in the 16th-17th century by the Turkish during the occupation. Some of the Turkish baths are sill in use nowadays. From the 18th century on the most famous healing-resorts appeared in Europe. These offer, besides the curing of different illnesses, recreation and regeneration so they are good for prevention as well.


Budapest: the capital of Hungary is the biggest bathing-resort of the country. /the thermal hotels Gell?rt, H?lia, Aquincum, as 5* offers, but there are less luxury hotels as well, and one can visit every day a traditional bath like Gell?rt, Sz?chenyi, Luk?cs, Kir?ly ...etc./


H?v?z: West-Hungary not far from Lake Balaton; here is the biggest natural thermal lake of Europe. We have offers in different hotel categories, for a 7, 14 or 21 days long stay in hotels like H?lios, Panorama or Europa FIT.


Si?fok: at Lake Balaton; It is not only in summer the centre of the bathing but during the whole year, also when the lake is not for bathing, one can enjoy an active holiday in one of the thermal hotels such as Panorama, Residence or Azur.


Eger: in North-Hungary; This was the most northern point until the Turkish got during their conquest in Europe. Here are the ?most northern? Turkish baths. In town there are some thermal hotels like the Korona or the Fl?ra, but one can choose an other kind of accommodation as well and visit an other bath every day. /There are 5 baths in the neighbourhood./


Hajd?szoboszl?: on the Great Hungarian Plain; during the last years it was nicely built up. There is accommodation from 2-4* hotels, there are possibilities for stays with medical treatments, there is an ?Aquapark? for the young people, etc. Victoria, D?lib?b or the new 4* HunguestHotel Solar can be recommended at any time.


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HÚvÝz - The largest thermal water lake of Europe

Hotel HELIOS ***

The hotel is situated in a beautiful park, ca 8oo ms away from the downtown and from the lake and consists of 3 buildings. Besides the general services the hotel also has its own healing center, wellness center, tennis court and rent-a-bike services.
Short and long stays available.

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Si?fok-Lake Balaton

Hotel PANORAMA**** in Si?fok is not only for summer holidays but also for your FITNESS and WELLNESS.

The hotel is located 2 kms from downtown, right on the beach and provides guests with services suitable for relaxation and a wide variety of activities as well.

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Hotel  RESIDENCE ****

The house had been recently opened, with comfortably equipped rooms a high-tech wellness and fitness centre, squash, jacuzzi and entertainment bath.

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Eger - the region full of surprises

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Eger ? the region full of surprises


This is a fully refurbished house, with new furniture, new bathrooms, and air-conditioning, plus 2 restaurants, drink and grill bars, bowling, tennis, table tennis, wellness, fitness and healing treatments all are at the guests? disposal.