Professional programms in Hungary

Professional programs in Hungary


-   A professional visit to the first Hungarian 'Winestreet' in Villány not far from Pécs in South-Hungary,

-   Wine tasting with an expert's explanations in the home of the 'Egri Bikavér' in Eger in North-Hungary,

-   'Wine of the kings, king of the wines' the 'Tokaji' ; visiting the old cellars with guiding and of course with wine-tasting in Tokaj,

-   'Wine-grower of the year' the meeting of the proficient; die wine-grower of the previous years from the different wine-regions of Hungary e.g. from Balatonfüred, from Neszmély Hilltop, from Mór etc.



-   Apple, plum, peach - visiting the different farms in the Big Hungarian Plain,

-   Apricot and Apricot schnapps - making acquiantance with the production of the Apricot 'pálinka' and the Unicum with pregustation and schopping possibility in the Zwack distiller in Kecskemét,



-   A professional visit to the Big Hungarian Plain not far from Kecskemét,

-   Visiting the 'Paprika-land' around Kalocsa, taking part on the paprika harvest,

-   Visit to the different small and big farms and in private homesteads as well in Szombathely (West-Hungary)  or in Kecskemét (East-Hungary, Big Hungarian Plain)



-   Piggeries, stock-station, goose farms and of course stud farms everywhere in the country e.g. in Bábolna or Kecskemét.

Further possibilities

but  also:

- Music-education

- Choirs or Orchestras Meeting /opportunity to play or sing in church/

- Meeting Hungarian experts of several proffession

- Lectures about Hungary's: literature, history, music, sport, political life, agriculture, schools,

  scientific life, juristic-and administration system etc.