The taste of Hungary

Taste of Hungary

Do the words 'pálinka', 'Tokaji' or 'Egri bikavér' sound familiar to You? Do you know that Hungary has 22 historic wine regions, producing several hundred types of wines, includig Tokaji, the world-famous 'wine of kings and king of wines'. Wine connoisseurs can get aquatinted with all regions and the full range of wines in the House of Hungarian Wines in Budapest, or they can go out and visit the most famous wine regions around the country. On location one can take part on a vintage, by picking grapes or learning the thorough and precise evaluation process of the Hungarian wines from internationally renown sommeliers, who tell all about the secrets of award-winning wines from the 'Winemaker of the Year'-winners on their private estate a truly exciting adventure for all, who admire wine!

What we offer:

-  visit to the House of Hungarian Wines in Budapest

-  special educational tour not only for experts, or a walk on the first internationally announced Wine Road in Southern Hungary

-      visiting Tokaj (part of the World Heritage Sites) in Northern Hungary, taste the 'wine of kings, the king of wines'

-  visiting the 1000-year-old Abbey of Pannonhalma, a famous wine-growing region of the country for the past centuries

-  getting to know the secrets of the world-famous UNICUM, including visiting the factory

-  visiting the Törley factory, the best Hungarian champagne producer since the 19th century


And what about Hungarian cuisine, that is so well-known for 'goulash' and 'paprika'? We ensure You, there is more to Hungarian specialities than these two words? The delicious 'palacsinta' (pancake) with sweet or hot fillings, chicken and beef prepared in various ragouts, 'körözött' the spicy cottage cheese, unique fruit soups hot or cold, etc.

What we offer

-  visiting the different regions to get to know their special dishes

-  taking part on a short or long cooking course

-  tasting the original local cuisine in the Hungarian Big Market


Taste the good things in Budapest's pantry with a cooking course in the 100-year-old Big Market?

During the event - under the direction of our chef - guests learn how to prepare a Hungarian main course and a garnish to go with it. The guests receive chef's hats and aprons. Prepared basic ingredients and equipment are set out on the tables for the group. After tasting the cold dishes, the coking course starts. The first step is the preparation of basic ingredients. Under the guidance of the chef guests learn the right way to prepare the basic materials. This is done in small groups on the spot in an entertaining way. The chef assists every step of the work done by each group. Until the dishes are cooked and baked, the guests make a shopping tour of around 30 minutes in the Market Hall. During this time the dishes are finished by the restaurant team, and at the end there is buffet lunch.


The programme can be extended by the following: guests receive recipes of typical Hungarian dishes, like the 'Goulash' soup, the names of ingredients written in Hungarian, and some money to buy all necessary things in the Market Hall. The guests are divided into groups, and the groups compete with each other, how fast they can collect the proper ingredients, and how well they spent the money on them. After

cooking the dishes, a board of judges evaluates their performance. 


The House of Hungarian Wines

 The House of Hungarian Wines can be found in the Buda Castle. This museum-shop introduces 22 wine regions of Hungary, and the tour also includes the tasting of 8-10 sorts of wines. A highly qualified sommelier gives a short presentation on wines, on the Hungarian viniculture, on the role of wines and how they can be consumed properly.


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Gala dinner in the Grassalkovich Mansion in Gödöllö Royal Palace

Gala dinner in the Grassalkovich Mansion in Gödöllő Royal Palace

Groups arrive at the Western Railway Station a work of the famous architect G. Eiffel. While waiting for the train guests get a glass of champagne in the Royal Waiting room of the station that was built for Emperor and King Francis Joseph and his wife Queen Elisabeth (Sissy) in the 19th century. The most well known steam locomotive - from 1924 - pulls the train to Gödöllő (journey takes approximately 40 mins.).


The Gödöllő Royal Palace is the largest Baroque palace in Hungary and the second largest in the world after Versailles. It is famous for its unique history and its architecture that had set out a trend to follow. The builder, Count Antal Grassalkovich I., who enjoyed the confidence of Empress Maria Theresa, was the most prestigious nobleman of the 18th century Hungary. From 1867 to 1916 the building seved as a favourite resort for Emperor Francis Joseph I. And Queen Elisabeth (Sissy).


A row of people holding torches await the guests at the arrival, on the two sides of the road. From the balcony on the upper floor a fanfare can be heard as the waiters dressed up as servants open the gates in front of the arriving guests.


In the doorways Hungarian hussars stand in row and serve cocktails and small biscuits to the guests. Other guests also stand in the doorway, man waiting in 'Kaiser und König' - style uniforms, the women wear beautiful gowns from the era of Empress Sissi. The gipsy band plays Hungarian folk songs and melodies, they are also dressed in folk costumes. The servants wear the uniforms of the 19th century.


Guests take part on a short visit to the mansion. After the fanfares are played 'Sissi' and 'Francis Joseph' and a circle of ladies accompany the guests into the room, while there is waltzer music played, and two ladies dressed in Biedermeier costumes help guests to take their seats.


Before the dinner is served, guests can watch an opening dance of the Duna Ensemble for the music of Mozart's Menuett. After this the hors d'oeuvres and the soup is served, and before the main course the Duna Ensemble performs another dance, from Brahms? Hungarian Dances. After the dessert there is a performance of the ballet group as well, and they also ask the guests for a dance.


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A sample roundtrip from the several possibilities



1st day

Arrival in Budapest; Welcome Drink; dinner


2nd day

Breakfast and dinner in the hotel. A daylong sightseeing tour in Budapest: visiting the nicest sights, like the Castle District, Fishermen's Bastion, Matthias Church, Gellért hill with the Citadell, Heroes' Square, City Park, Downtown with the Danube promenade; the Vajdahunyad Castle. Lunch in a nice restaurant in the Castle District.


3rd day

Breakfast and dinner in the hotel. A private reception in the garden suburb of the capital at a farmer who has a special collection of former used objects and decor objects, and also furniture; home made lunch with own wine; after the dinner a 1 hour long panorama tour by boat.


4th day

After breakfast a journey to Pécs (South-Hungary), lunch; a trip to the home of the well known wine 'Villányi'; a visit to the different private cellars ant the so called 'Wine-street' where you can try the special cold dishes of the Hungarian Cuisine. Accommodation in Pécs.


5th day

Breakfast, a sightseeing tour with visiting the Zsolnay Ceramic Museum and the Champagne factory where the well-known 'Pannoniasekt' is made, After the lunch a journey back to Budapest, afterwards dinner.


6th day

After breakfast you take part on the so called 'Promontory-Program' in Budafok (a suburb of Budapest; this is one of the biggest cellar-cities of the world, where already the Romans practised wine-growing); a guided tour through the cellars with lunch and wine-tasting; in the afternoon a visit to Visegrád's Panorama street, coffee-break in the romantic baroque city of the artists' Szentendre; gourmand dinner where you can taste more than 10different specialities of the Hungarian Cuisine.


7th day

Departure after breakfast.


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